Schools Still Required to Conduct Annual Case Review

May 15, 2020 | Disability Legal Services of Indiana

Was your child supposed to have his/her IEP annual case review (ACR) meeting this spring?  Know this: 

  • Indiana schools must conduct each student’s ACR meeting, even when utilizing remote learning. 

  • Contact your child’s principal and teacher-of-record if the ACR meeting hasn’t occurred this school year and isn’t yet scheduled.  

  • ACR meetings may occur via phone, video, or other virtual means.   

  • At the meeting, decide how your child will receive special education services during future remote learning situations.  Include this in his/her IEP.  Things to consider:
  1. Decide what’s currently working with remote learning and what’s not.
  2. Specify how will your child access his/her curriculum during remote learning.
  3. Note how your child’s progress be monitored during remote learning.
  4. Include any assistive technology your child might need during remote learning.

For details about ACR meetings and other COVID-19 special education information, see “Special Education / Service Delivery During COVID-19 Closures and eLearning Days Frequently Asked Questions” from the Indiana Department of Education. Google sign-in may be required to view the document.


To learn how schools can hold remote ACR meetings (or any case conference committee meeting), see “Remote IEP Meetings” from the Indiana IEP Resource Center.


The statements contained herein are provided for informational purposes, are not to be considered legal advice, and should not be construed to form an attorney-client relationship. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact an education attorney.