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Disability Legal Services of Indiana, Inc. (DLSI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing free and low cost legal services to Indiana’s children and adults with disabilities, primarily in education matters. 



Special Education Information for Indiana Families

DLSI: Protecting Students Educational Rights

August 8, 2023 | Disability Legal Services of Indiana

DLSI: Empowering Students with Disabilities to Reach Their Full Potential
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Might Your Child Need Extended School Year Services?

April 4, 2022 | Disability Legal Services of Indiana

All public schools must make ESY services available, as necessary, to provide free and appropriate education (FAPE).
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Indiana Distance Learning: What to Know, Part 3

March 16, 2022 | Disability Legal Services of Indiana

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) released two Covid-19 guidance documents recently regarding the education of students with disabilities.
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Indiana Distance Learning: What to Know, Part 2

August 28, 2020 | Disability Legal Services of Indiana

Since most schools are now back in session, pay extra attention to how your child is doing.
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SUCCESS STORY: Least Restrictive Environment

DLSI assisted a family in rural Indiana. Their son had significant educational and behavioral challenges and had been placed in a restrictive educational setting. The student’s public school abruptly changed the student’s educational placement. The family filed legal proceedings, but quickly became overwhelmed with the legal process and requested DLSI’s assistance. DLSI attorneys stepped in and successfully advocated for a new educational plan for the student, ensuring a smooth transition from a more restrictive setting to a less restrictive educational setting over the period of several months. DLSI’s involvement allowed the family and school to resolve their differences and work together to ensure a good result for everyone involved.

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SUCCESS STORY: Chronic Medical Issue

DLSI attorneys assisted a family who recently moved to Indiana. The single mother was overwhelmed with her son’s chronic medical conditions that required close monitoring. His conditions required medical treatment and often affected his ability to attend school. The student had missed many weeks due to his disabilities/medical conditions. His mother tried unsuccessfully to have her son identified as a student with special education needs. DLSI successfully advocated for the family, the student was properly identified as a student with a disability, and the school developed an individualized education plan that included homebound services allowing the student to receive educational services during his illnesses when he was unable to attend school.

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SUCCESS STORY: Adoptive Parent's Crisis

DLSI attorneys assisted a single woman who was given custody of her nephew after he was removed from his home following several years of trauma and instability. Her nephew, an elementary student with a reading disability, was struggling educationally and behaviorally and had been removed to a restrictive educational setting outside of his school district. His aunt tried unsuccessfully for over a year to have her nephew transferred to his local public school so that he could attend his neighborhood school with his non-disabled peers. DLSI worked collaboratively with the local school staff and their legal counsel and the client’s nephew was successfully transferred to his local public school within a month with an appropriate education plan in place to meet his educational and behavioral needs. He is thriving in his new environment.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2022-2023: Preparing Students with Disabilities for the Future

Planning for the future is difficult. DLSI staff helped many families navigate the complex and often confusing world of special education this past year. Read more about it here.


ANNUAL REPORT 2021-2022: Valuing Diversity, Encouraging Inclusion

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